Bidding Adieu To 2014 With A Social Media Recap

Social 2014

Marketers and brand managers have always found it interesting to observe the difference in insights emerging from consumer’s search behavior and  topics that people like to discuss or just stay informed about via social media platforms. While many of the topics that were most searched on Google in 2014 also found their way on social media platforms, the interesting element to observe is the differences in the list.

Facebook and Twitter, two of the most popular social media platforms in the region, bid adieu to 2014 with a closer look at what trended the most on these platforms during the year.

For Facebook, the top of the list was dominated by a mix of global tragedies, political scenarios and sports. The FIFA World Cup, that was also dubbed as the first truly social and mobile World and was the fourth most searched subject, drove more conversation that any other event in Facebook’s history, breaking several records and taking it to the lead. The outbreak of Ebola disease that gripped Africa was second in list, followed by Brazil’s Presidential Elections. Robin Williams, Ice Bucket Challenge, the Israel attack leading to the conflict in Gaza, Malaysia Airlines conversations around the disappearance of MH 370, Super Bowl, the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri and Sochi Winter Olympics were the other topics that made it to Facebook’s trending list.

Social microblogging site Twitter, used significantly for the real time component that it adds to events and developments, had a similar mix.  Top in the 2014 #YearOnTwitter’ was the ‘Golden Tweet’ a.k.a. the most-retweeted tweet of the year – Ellen Degeneres @TheEllenShow’s starry photo from the March Oscars telecast that some connected to a Samsung marketing stunt. FIFA World Cup, #BringBackOurGirls, #IndyRef – the elections in Scottish referendum on independence, Hong Kong protests, and #BlackLivesMatter – the Ferguson protests are some of the other that made it to this list indicating that for many users, Twitter was a platform to voice discontent, protest or give life to issues that mattered to them.

If Google’s most searched list reflect the things people wanted to know more about and be informed about factually, social media not only provides a platform to express opinions and emotions on the developments but also highlights the situations that people want to celebrate, change or make a difference in.

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