Data Point: 1 in 3 Luxury Fashion Buyers Follow New Brands On Social

Social has long been a key channel for luxury brands to connect with their customers, both current and prospective. Data from Global Web Index confirms the need to emphasize these channels and the opportunities that exist for consumer advocacy within this space.

Although the continued importance of brand websites is plain to see (with over 70 percent of Luxury Fashion Buyers visiting each month), it’s the role that social plays in brand-consumer interactions that needs most attention here. The figures confirm the importance of social for luxury brands aiming to increase awareness and engagement – with one in three from this group following a new brand on social each month, and 32 percent visiting brand pages.

But this relationship should not be left passive in nature. With Luxury Fashion Buyers, 75 percent are more likely to be sharing branded social posts (a fifth are) and 36 percent ahead for using social ‘share’ buttons on websites, these luxury brands should be crafting content to take advantage of the significant boost that their social messages can gain from their followers and customers.

The buyers differ in their engagement. To name a few, Hugo Boss Buyers are notably more likely to be watching branded videos (40%), Dolce & Gabbana Buyers are big on visiting brands’ social network pages (41%), and Tommy Hilfiger Buyers are the most enthusiastic newsletter readers (37%).

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