Du Unveils UAE National Day ‘Narzif’ Anthem Video

Du Telecommunications have brought together a video dedicated to the 43rd UAE National Day. The video called Narzif brings alive the traditional Emirati dance called Razfa and is seen performed not just by the local Emiratis but also from faces beyond the region.


The video showcases people dancing the traditional dance with flags and sticks and of course smiles on their faces. It has the young Emiratis performing with the stick at prominent locations of the UAE like the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and the famous Dubai sand dunes. There are Arab men, women and children swooping the stick to the traditional dance. There’s even a Emirati doing the dance while skydiving.


Apart from featuring local celebrities, the video also has international artists performing to the tunes of the video depicting the solidarity of the United Arab Emirates and how it has become home to people from beyond the region. There is someone representing the Filipino community, the West African community and the Pakistani and Indian community; there is a cricket player, a blonde dancer, a hip hop dancer. Du made it clear that it would not limit itself to the Middle East locations and even had a denim-clad westerner do the Razfa in front of the iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles and in front of Buckingham Palace.


The special video is written by poet and TV personality Saoud Al Kaabi with music composed by Khalid Nasser and sung by Faisal Al Jassim.

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