Egypt, Algeria Among Top 10 Countries Posting Photos On FB

Among the top 10 countries across the world that sent the most photos on Facebook, Algeria and Egypt stood at second and third respectively.

Facebook and Messenger released data that shows just how much people love to engage with photos, as well as tips and tricks for photo sharing on both platforms. The data highlighted the top 10 countries who posted and sent the most photos on Facebook.

The top 10 countries that posted the most photos included USA, Thailand, India, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Indonesia and Egypt.

The top 10 countries that sent the most photos on Facebook included Brazil, Algeria, Egypt, Vietnam, India, Mexico, USA, Thailand, Philippines and Poland.

With August 19th marking World Photo Day, Facebook also released some helpful hints as well as the latest in-app photo tools for its users to share their stories through photos. These include Facebook and Messenger’s new, in-app cameras that can make your photos better than ever by making sending photos and videos faster, featuring more than one photo as the Facebook Profile picture and photos in 360, which allow users to explore and experience moments on Facebook as if they were actually there.

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