Facebook Encourages Mobile App Ads For The Holidays

Mobile app ads

Keeping the holiday season in mind, Facebook has come up with new options for its mobile app advertisers. Arguably, holiday season is one of the best times to market mobile apps, as people receive new devices as gifts. In time for holiday advertising, Facebook has brought about new buying, creative, and targeting options for its mobile app advertisements.

One feature is the auto playing of video advertisements, which means that promotional videos automatically start playing on the News Feed of a user as he scrolls down.

Others include buying Facebook mobile app ads with keeping reach and frequency in mind, purchasing mobile app ads with video creative through Power Editor, reaching audiences on Amazon Fire tablets, in addition to Apple, Samsung and HTC devices.

The social networking site has also come up with five tips to improve mobile app campaigns during the holidays.

  • The first tip that Facebook shares is the growth of smartphone sales and identifying new device owners as it means new opportunities for app installs.
  • If the app is optimized for certain devices, it can target people using newer device models.
  • Facebook gives the ‘Optimize for installs’ option to get efficient delivery for mobile app install ads.
  • Marketers should identify top app users and find people who look like them. This can be achieved by building a Custom Audience using the top 25 per cent of users.
  • Test multiple ad creatives, including video. As new mobile devices are activated over the holidays, this is the perfect time to test new ad creatives. Test five to 10 new concepts to improve overall campaign delivery and achieve campaign goals.

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