Go Anonymous with Facebook’s ‘Rooms’

Facebook Rooms

After its “real name policy” Facebook seems to be going the other way and has come up with a new app called Facebook Rooms. This app gives the user full anonymity from their real identity and allows them to create a message board on any topic, with a full range of customization. Users can appoint moderators who can filter out any offending users.

Facebook’s new apps have taken users back to early times, where they could join any chat room and carry out interactions without revealing their identity. Josh Miller, the head of the project at Facebook, said Rooms is inspired by some of the early days on the Web where chat-rooms and forums were king, and no social network was available to instantly find friends.

Users will be able to set whatever identity they want when they enter the room. Rooms could be for friends, for a certain discussion or for a certain location, depending on where the creator posts the QR code.

The app is on similar lines to Yik Yak and Secret. The difference is the topics and way of getting into the rooms – instead of location like Yik Yak and email address and phone number Secret uses, QR codes will be used in Rooms which will make sure only the people you want in your room will be allowed in.

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