Gunn Report Presents Top 50 Print Illustrations


The Gunn Report, an independent global report for creative communications, has released a compilation of top best 50 print campaigns ‘The Art of Illustrations’ spanning over a period of 15 years from across 21 different countries.

Topping the Best Illustrations is the ‘EMI Music Piracy Awareness’ which aimed at highlighting the piracy in music. The advertisement was created by TBWA, Paris in the year 2006. Other illustrations that made it in the top 5 were East Timor Tourism by Ogilvy & Mather, Singapore, Perrier by Ogilvy Paris, New York Times by Bozell, New York and Stabilo Boss Highlighter by Prolam Y&R, Santiago.

Few decades ago, illustration was the norm. Advertising art in the 1880’s consisted mostly of engravings of products in black and white on wood. By 1900 advances in photo-engraving and printing made full-colour art feasible and advertising as an art form blossomed. Now 90% of ads use photography, therefore the use Illustration is already a way to be different or intrusive.

UK Art Director, Neil Dawson, who has penned a foreword for The Art of Illustration said, “This selection of work uses illustration not for its own sake but because it is exactly the right medium and style for the message and brand. These ideas simply wouldn’t work with photography.”

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