Lego Reminds Imagination Has No Gender

Should there be different toys for boys and girls? Is it wrong for a girl to play with a fighter jet? Is it alright for a boy to play with a doll? LEGO Middle East’s latest campaign ‘Imagination has no gender’ challenges perception of toys and reveals how years of societal conditioning has led people to discriminate between toys for boys and girls.

LEGO Middle East conducted a social experiment where moms were asked to guess what a kid might become just by watching them build a plane. After moms said, “He might become a pilot”, “He will become an engineer”, and so on, the whole video is showed to them. They were shocked and surprised to find out that the kid was a girl all along.

The campaign film, which packs in a powerful message, captures the highlights of this experiment. The creative agency for the campaign is Grey MENA.

The message in the film reminds that society has played a big role in planting bias in people’s minds. But all agreed in the end that when it comes to creativity, imagination has no gender.

LEGO Middle East held the same experiment online too on Facebook and Instagram, and thousands of parents in the region have responded positively to the message in less than a week. The social experiment film is being shown in schools, and will be supported by moms’ groups, female creative voices in the region and top women speakers from the Arab world.

Agency: Grey Dubai
ECD: Vidya Manmohan
Copywriter: Farhan Siddiqui
Production House: Olive Tree Productions

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