Mozilla Firefox Resigns Google As Its Default Search Engine


As Mozilla Firefox completes its 10th anniversary, the internet browser company is revisiting its search strategy. In the process, it has ended its relationship with Google as its default search engine. While Mozilla has adopted different approaches for different markets and in the Middle East it has kept the relationship ‘open’.

Following this development, Mozilla Corporation and Yahoo Inc have signed a deal with for Yahoo to be Mozilla’s default search engine beginning December 1, 2014. The two giants have announced a five-year partnership making Yahoo the search experience for Firefox on desktops and mobiles in the United States. In markets such as China and Russia too, Mozilla has partnered with specific players like Baidu and Yandex. However, for all other markets, Mozilla is retaining the option for the users to choose their desired search engine.

Concerns between Mozilla and Google started brewing up when the latter introduced the Chrome browser in 2008. Since then Google Chrome gained popularity over Firefox and with the dwindling numbers of Yahoo, this seemed like an apt opportunity for Yahoo and Firefox to pool energies. The Google deal was up for renewal this year which gave Firefox an ‘opportunity to review competitive strategy and explore options’.

“Our new search strategy doubles down on our commitment to make Firefox a browser for everyone, with more choice and opportunity for innovation. We are excited to partner with Yahoo to bring a new, re-imagined Yahoo search experience to Firefox users in the U.S. featuring the best of the Web, and to explore new innovative search and content experiences together,” said Mozilla CEO, Chris Beard.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Mozilla. Mozilla is an inspirational industry leader who puts users first and focuses on building forward-leaning, compelling experiences. We’re so proud that they’ve chosen us as their long-term partner in search, and I can’t wait to see what innovations we build together,” added Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer.

While there will be a revenue sharing model between the two giants, there has been no specific detail on the financial terms of the contract. It was also not made clear if the contract will be extended in other worldwide markets.

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