Robin Williams, FIFA, Ebola, MH 370… A 2014 Farewell In Search

As the countdown to a New Year begins, it’s worth looking at the moments that 2014 would be remembered by. Search giant Google reflected on the year taking a closer look at what people searched for the most and what emerged was a list comprising victories and losses, troubles, crisis and hope.

Top of the most searched list in the year was the multifaceted on-screen talent, Robin Williams. The death of the actor and comedian grabbed its share of news headlines and most certainly a significant share of audience mind space.

Sporting event FIFA World Cup, where Germany emerged the victor in this season, was the second most searched item.

Audiences also spent considerable time in being aware on the developments around crisis and tragedies such as the Ebola virus and the missing Malaysia Airlines – MH 370.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, that saw participation from some of the biggest global leaders, and also indicated the increasing consumption of videos online was the fifth most searched topic on Google.

The Flappy Bird, Conchita Wurst, ISIS, Frozen and Sochi Olympics.

The Year in Search site gives an in-depth look at the stories that made 2014 unforgettable. From the rise of the selfie, to understanding the search for “how” more than “why,” each chapter shares a glimpse into the people and events that drove this year forward.

The trending topics of the year can be seen on Google domain which gives a peek at what made the top trending lists from around the world. And you can follow more insights from the year with #YearInSearch.

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