The Fragrance Of Lux & A Lesson In Real-time

Lux is taking a leaf from the impact that the real-time element can create in a marketing campaign. The soap brand from Unilever has just launched ‘Perfume Portraits’, a film that demonstrates an inspired, multi-dimensional approach to beauty. Lux is now supporting the campaign by deploying and optimizing it in real-time to extend the reach of the message.

Specially produced by Lux in collaboration with creative agency JWT, the Sunhil Sippy-directed film features Indian onscreen celebrity Katrina Kaif, as she is artfully photographed by Bhavesh Patel, a talented visually impaired photographer. With his camera, Bhavesh immortalizes the moment in which the enchanting fragrance of Lux Magical Spell brings out an alluring confidence and feminine sensuality, transforming it into something almost tangible and completely mesmerizing.

“Perfume Portraits illustrates Lux’s approach of creating fine fragrance experiences that redefine beauty, and take it beyond what the eye can see. An exquisite and artfully crafted perfume has the power to bring out a woman’s beauty and confidence, making her irresistibly captivating to others,” explained Anne Radmacher, Global Vice President, Lux at Unilever.

‘Perfume Portraits’ marks the first Lux campaign run in real-time across countries, directly from the Media Command Centre in Unilever Singapore. An innovative approach that brings together all agency and brand teams involved, the Media Command Centre enables Lux to track campaign developments quickly, and respond in an agile manner.

Lux’s global agency team at the media centre comprised the media agencies, PHD and Mindshare, and the global PR and social agency, Golin. The team were able to optimize their media spends and content engagement strategies directly from the Media Command Centre.

“Lux is one of our leading brands and this campaign truly brings its unique proposition to life in a beautiful manner. It has the magic of storytelling at its heart and we are powering it with media using some really cool techniques. Launched from our media command centre with real-time optimization across multiple markets and platforms, we are leveraging data and insights in a unique manner. This is a great example for us of building brand love at scale in this connected world,” added Rahul Welde, Vice President, Media, Unilever, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Turkey and Russia.

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