Ti22 Creates a YouTube Only Channel DOD


Ti22, a production house based in Dubai, has launched an online channel, using the YouTube platform, called Dubai On Demand. The production house has taken known personalities from the DubaiOne channel, which earlier had stopped its local production, to reemerge in this entirely different platform. The nine presenters will host their own shows through a sporadic series of short clips ranging from health, fashion, travel and sports.

Reim El Houni, founder of Ti22 films, said, “I knew that the industry was moving towards digital and had been following trends in the US, seeing the shift through my company Ti22 Films, I reached out to a group of personalities in the region, many who I had worked with before while executive producing at Dubai One. Each person, saw the vision I was trying to create for the channel and joined the team to develop Dubai ON Demand.”

The television celebrities who will be seen on this online platform include fashion designer Tamara Al Gabbani. She was named ‘Best Dressed’ at The Cannes Film Festival and plans to showcase her years of expertise in the fashion industry.

British TV presenter Layne Redman would be sharing short clips highlighting adventure and extreme sports.

Founder of Kitsch Bakery & Cafe and food author Dalia Dogmoch will bring flavor to the show with celebrity chefs and guests from kitchens across Dubai.

Comedian Nitin Mirani will also be one of the presenters who will be presenting fun and bizarre news happening around town.

Aishwarya Ajit Gordon, who was earlier with Studio One will act as the channel’s beauty expert in a series of tutorials.

The film industry segment would be handled by celebrity correspondent Dina Butti, who has earlier interviewed many celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood.

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