TV Reigns Strong Over Online In Sports

While on-demand and catch-up services are leading the way when compared to television viewing, the same does not seems to be the case for viewing sports. GlobalWebIndex explored the viewing behaviors of sports lovers and found that broadcast TV still reigned strong in sports.

“Digital consumers still watch twice as many sports on TV as they do online,” writes Katie Young, Senior Trends Analyst at GlobalWebIndex.

The age trends here are quite revealing, however. 25-34s watch an average of almost 3 sports online, whereas for 55-64s the equivalent figure stands at 1. These older consumers remain the most likely to favor their TV sets for sports viewing.

Across the regions, those in Asia Pacific are watching the most sports on TV or online, though it’s for the latter that they really stand out. In the Middle East & Africa region, TV seems to be the obvious choice for watching different sports.


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