Using Customized Tires For Inspiring Imprints In Sand

Wunderman Dubai and Charicycles, an environment friendly bicycle brand, are asking people in Dubai to think about the low-income professionals who depend on cycles as a means to get around the city. The agency carved vignettes from real stories of low-income cyclists into customized tires. As they rode around, the wheels left imprints of different stories in the sand.

The agency also launched an online film showcasing the impact that cycling can have in Dubai. This online film was developed to raise awareness around the need for reflective vests and helmets at night, and drive people to gift them to low-income cyclists, shedding light on a societal issue. Without these reflective materials, cyclists could be literally invisible on the roads at night.

Many low-income professionals in the city and beyond use bicycles as a way to become self-sufficient. The two stories showcased in the video belong to Sageer Ahmed, a gardener, and Shankar Kunarapu, a domestic worker. Both of these residents rely on their bicycles for their commutes.

“These cyclists are truly phenomenal. Crafting their inspiring stories on the tires gave us that rare opportunity to combine data with creativity and explore a whole new medium,” said Piotr Osinski, Executive Creative Director, Wunderman Dubai.

“A big part of Charicycles’ ethos is to give more people access to a healthier life through cycling, but we also would like them to have access to doing so in a safe way. We aim to do our part to create greater awareness for the cause and keep their success stories going,” added Zaina Kanaan, Co-founder of Charicyles.

Charicycle makes custom designed bicycles, where it up-cycles bicycle frames to promote sustainability.

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