Yahoo On A Roll, Now Acquires Photo App Developer Cooliris


Yahoo seems to be on a shopping spree. It’s less than two weeks now and the Internet giant has announced yet another new acquisition. This time it’s the photo app developer Cooliris. Not much information has been provided yet by Yahoo on the acquisition amount or how Yahoo plans to integrate Cooliris products into its operations. However, with this new venture, Yahoo is ‘focusing on acquisitions that align with key growth areas: search, communications, digital magazines and video’.

Founded in 2006, Cooliris is best known for creating a ’3D wall’ for navigating between photos and other media content, as well as creating mobile ad platform Adjitsu, It raised a total of $27.6 million in funding from investors including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Deutsche and others.

Cooliris recently focused on mobile apps allowing users to browse photos through social media such as Flickr, Facebook and Dropbox.

Cooliris team wrote on their website, “Yahoo has a clear vision and unwavering commitment to making mobile an intuitive and effortless experience. This makes Yahoo the perfect partner for Cooliris, and we are excited to come together to bring indispensable products to a worldwide audience.”

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