Yemen Halts State-Run Newspaper Distribution

Al Thawra

Yemen has closed down the distribution of the state-run paper Al Thawra following the intervention of Al Houthi into the editorial policy of the newspaper last week. The intervention is said to be forced on the state-run paper by the Al Houthis, because of which the Yemen Minister of Information Nadia Al Saqqaf halted the distribution of the daily.

The Al Houthis asserted that the group has been fighting corruption by appointing its own people in certain government institutions. The group dismissed the newspaper’s editor on allegations of corruption, bringing in their own journalists to run the paper. Sanaa’a, the Yemen capital, has been under the siege of the Al Houthi since September after they took over key government posts and offices.

Both the sides put in their views through social media. Osama Sari, a Al Houthi journalist, justified the action through a post on Facebook stating, “As a representative of the 21 September Revolution, the Revolutionary Oversight Committee is exercising its regular observatory duty to prevent financial and administrative corruption.”

Nadia Al Saqqaf, Editor-in-Chief of the Yemen Times and the Information Minister of  questioned the allegations of Al Houthis on Twitter, saying: “The Al Houthis continue to control editorial policy of Al Thawra newspaper, what does that have to do with fighting financial corruption?”

An agency report has said that Al Thawra will remain closed till the case of the recent storming of Sanaa’a Thawra Press, Printing and Publishing Corporation is resolved.

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