UAE Hoteliers Focus On Strong Digital Marketing

UAE Hoteliers

A strong digital marketing strategy seem stop be at the top of the agenda of hoteliers in the UAE, as per a survey by the organisers of The Hotel Show Dubai.

Undertaken by dmg events to identify which topic would be of the most interest to UAE hospitality industry professionals in an external training course, the results of the survey were unanimous.

“In a digital world, there is no denying that digital marketing is here to stay. It should form an integral part of a hotel’s marketing strategy, at a time where the presence of a hotel’s brand profile is no longer enough to drive revenue. An adaptation of a more robust marketing strategy is now inevitable,” said Gary Williams, Event Director, dmg.

Hotel reservations and associated experiences are some of the most popular subjects for online reviews; and this continuous stream of consumer-generated content is typically regarded as more reliable, unbiased and popular than the content produced by hoteliers.

A masterclass is being organized to understand these strategies and trends which would be lea by Martin Kubler, lead Lecturer at MODUL University Dubai. “This masterclass will deliver insights and expertise needed by today’s hoteliers to optimise revenue through digital marketing channels including social media, mobile and web. The session will cover: Strategies to optimise your hotel’s online presence; Identifying and managing your online audiences; Developing and managing online sales funnels; and Current best practice in online and social media promotions,” said Mr Kubler.

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