Mashreq Bank’s Fun Filled Ice Cream Insurance Policy

Getting advice on insurance can be boring and tedious. Understanding this, UAE based Mashreq Bank along with Y&R Dubai created a video called the ‘Ice Cream Insurance’, with the aim to highlight the importance of insurance through a fun and joyful concept of eating an ice cream.

Given the ‘hop on, hop off’ nature of the Middle East’s business hub, insurance is frequently the last thing on people’s minds. Compounding the situation is the fact that not many have insurance literature available to them and if it is, its mostly long-winded and riddled with fine print.

Addressing this, Mashreq Bank sought to address these issues by bringing the benefits of its insurance offering directly into the lives of the people. The one and a half minute video has children eating ice creams and their emotions of distress when the ice cream drops down. The campaign has a special ice cream vehicle that insures every drop of the ice cream bringing smiles to their faces while giving a taste of the peace of mind insurance brings to parents.

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