Bigo Live Unveils Exciting Summer Vibe Campaign To Chill And Celebrate In The MENA Region

Bigo Live, the leading global live streaming platform, is all set to beat the heat and bring cool vibes to its vibrant MENA community with its newest ‘Summer Vibe Campaign.’ Embracing the spirit of summer, the campaign provides an exciting experience filled with summer-themed events and interactive sessions, fostering a lively and engaging community.

Bigo Live’s ‘Summer Vibe Campaign’ comes as a refreshing breeze, inviting users to embark on a virtual journey of unforgettable experiences, regardless of their travel plans. As international tourism in Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East is expected to soar by 36 percent[1] between June – August compared to last year, Bigo Live aims to create a dynamic platform that resonates with the summer wanderlust and celebrates the vibrant essence of this season. The campaign has been introduced with an aim to deliver thrilling entertainment, engaging content, and inspiring interactions, bringing together users from across the region.

The Summer Vibe Campaign began during from the middle of July and will be active until the end of August 2023 on Bigo Live featuring several exciting activities including:

  1. Fashion Trends with SuperSisters:

Joining hands with the renowned influencers, SuperSisters (Leen Mohd and Lana Mohd), Bigo Live will showcase this year’s hottest summer fashion trends. The dynamic duo will share their valuable insights on fashion styles and provide expert tips related to health and diet for the summer season. It’s time to stay fashionable and healthy during these sizzling months!

  • Share Your Summer Travel Story:

Bigo Live invites its enthusiastic broadcasters to embark on virtual journeys, transporting their viewers to breathtaking vacation spots and memorable escapades. Through livestreaming, broadcasters and viewers can weave their unique travel tales, share travel tips, and explore the beauty of summer destinations, creating a strong sense of community and engagement.

  • Join Model Roz for Summer Highlights:

In a major highlight of the campaign, Bigo Live has teamed up with Saudi Arabia’s top female model, Model_Roz. With a staggering reach of over 10 million, Model Roz is set to take her audience on a mesmerizing visual tour of European landscapes and share insights on seasonal topics that are sure to spark excitement and inspiration.

Commenting on the campaign, a spokesperson from Bigo Live, said, “We are excited to launch the Summer Vibe Campaign and create an electrifying atmosphere for our users in the MENA region. With the region’s rich cultural heritage and love for summertime celebrations, we aim to bring our community together through engaging activities and experiences that truly embody the essence of summer. The campaign epitomizes Bigo Live’s unwavering commitment to building a community where creativity flourishes, connections thrive, and experiences are boundless. We believe that the magic of summer is not confined to physical locations; it’s about the vibrant connections we forge, the memories we create, and the joy we share. It’s time to soak in the sun and enjoy a vibrant season on Bigo Live!”

As the MENA region embraces the vibrant energy of summer, Bigo Live’s Summer Vibe Campaign is set to be a game-changer, offering users an interactive and engaging platform to celebrate the spirit of the season. Whether it’s sharing their travel tales or embracing fashion trends, users on the platform can now embark on an immersive summer experience like never before. With the Summer Vibe Campaign, Bigo Live upholds its vision of empowering individuals to express themselves, celebrate diversity, and embrace the moments that define us. As we observe the summer months on this exciting journey, the platform invites users across the MENA region to join hands and be part of an unforgettable summer celebration that showcases the true essence of Bigo Live’s global family.