BNG Expands Its Footprint In Dubai

Brand New Galaxy (BNG) has stated the opening of a new regional office in Dubai. Adil Khan, CEO of BNG MEA and Zubair S Siddiqui (former MD of UM MENA in Dubai) are said to lead the new entity.

BNG’s decision to open a new location in Dubai affirms to strengthen its position in the MEA region across its key capabilities of ecommerce, digital performance & automation and creative content production. Additionally, this launch comes at a time where digital transformation is a priority for all businesses in the MEA who are looking to drive growth with new and existing customers.

“I am delighted to be joining BNG at such a fascinating time in the development of the entire holding company. The achievements and business courage of Galaxy impressed me both in terms of innovative solutions and global ambition. I am convinced that by bringing Zubair and my experience to BNG, we will bring new energy, focus and quality of service to clients, especially at a time of the growing importance of ecommerce,” mentioned Mr Khan.

“Our current global contracts and the opportunities we are experiencing in the region brought us to a clear conclusion regarding solid investment in BNG’s strong presence in the Middle East. With top industry leaders like Adil and Zubair, we’re not limited in our dreaming big. The Dubai office will not only be a local hub but will also host global contracts. This is all to bring our clients clear added value, a synergistic combination of the MEA office’s capabilities: ecommerce, digital performance & automation and creative content production,” mentioned Michał Glapiński, Chief Growth Officer of BNG.

The Dubai office has already claims to be active in acquiring a global and regional portfolio of clients across the MEA region. Initially, around 50 people will be employed in the new location to support the ecommerce, digital and creative requirements of clients.