BOG Features In ‘Best Places To Work’

According to the annual ‘Best Places To Work’ certification program, Blue Ocean Global (BOG) has been officially recognized as one of the best places to work in UAE for 2021. Best Places to Work is an international certification program that provides employers in different countries the opportunity to learn more about engagement and satisfaction of their employees and honors those who deliver an outstanding work experience.

“Our ultimate goal is to create a future not only for our customers but especially for our employees. To win the market place we work hard to first win the hearts and minds of our employees. We are continuously working to create a culture of excellence by rewarding hard work & ethical behavior” expressed Shahzad Ahmed, Chairman & CEO of the company.

BOG employees ranked the company high on employee conditions, workplace culture and policies recognizing the company as one of the rewarding places to work where people can unlock their potential and deliver the best quality of service to clients, explains the agency.

Hamza Idrissi, Program Manager for UAE said, “The results prove once again that the employees of Blue Ocean Global UAE are proud to work for the company with a workplace culture built on respect, recognition and equal opportunities.”