Bosch Expands Product Line In UAE

Bosch states the launch of FLEXIDOME IP starlight 5000i and FLEXIDOME IP starlight 5000i IR in the UAE. The new range of dome cameras bring an extra starlight option to its already comprehensive midrange camera portfolio for crisp detailed color images in extreme low light situations. This is an excellent solution for applications that demand high quality security images and Video Analytics on a limited budget.

The FLEXIDOME IP starlight 5000i (IR) cameras complement a portfolio of fixed dome, bullet and box cameras which feature built in Essential Video Analytics, fully configurable H.265 (High Efficiency Video Coding) multi-streaming and simple installation with auto zoom/ focus lens (AVF), wizard and pre-configured modes. This combination of features and form factors enhances the entire family of fixed mid-range cameras ideal for securing medium and small size applications.

They claim the following features:
Video Analytics
Like all cameras in this portfolio, the new FLEXIDOME IP starlight 5000i (IR) cameras have essential video analytics on board as standard, enabling data to be retrieved quickly from hours of stored video. Advanced intrusion and automatic detection with timely alerts improve levels of security 24/7. The cameras also go beyond security by enabling video data to be used for informed business decisions. The companies can gather all the important statistics such as counting the number of people who enter or leave a store while securing the entrance at the same time. Trigger automatic alerts when queue numbers or specific areas exceed a certain crowd level to improve service and minimize overcrowding. Or even identify patterns in customer activity to optimize store layouts, experiences and sales. Bosch’s Essential Video Analytics is ideal for small and medium businesses, retail stores, commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Image quality
The latest camera additions deliver color images in the darkest of scenes at 0.02 lux and monochrome at 0.005 lux. With full video analytics capabilities, like color filtering, even in scenes with minimum ambient light, they substantially improve security levels and open up new opportunities for use. The FLEXIDOME IP starlight 5000i (IR) comes with a dynamic range of 146 HDR and with 60 frames per second, for an even more perfect exposure of (fast) moving objects, even in challenging, unevenly lit scenes.

Easy installation
All IP 4000i, IP 5000i and IP 6000 cameras are designed for significantly easier installation, with installer essentials included in the packaging. The varifocal lens also focuses automatically during set up, so there’s no need to physically adjust the camera and installation time is further reduced by modular accessories.

Setup and configuration

All cameras offer the same familiar graphical user interface, which substantially reduces training and setup time. The IP 4000i, IP 5000i and IP 6000 cameras also share the same product platform for easy maintenance and backward compatibility over multiple generations. Upgrading or adding features is done via firmware updates, which also reduces maintenance costs and enables easy integration into third party software and recording solutions. Finally, configuration is also made simple, as the calibration is carried out by the camera itself.

With this new and advanced range of camera, users cannot only secure the entrance of a retail shop with highest level of detail due to its extra starlight option but also monitor an external perimeter day and night whilst paying close attention to keeping storage costs low and avoiding network strain. This not only helps to overcome challenges but also provide high quality images that enable persons or objects to be identified.