BPG Kuwait’s Four Practices For Back To Business

BPG Kuwait has brought together some best practices that organizations should follow as companies slowly get back to business after the COVID-19 lockdown. The precautions also includes recommendations by the World Health Organization to manage the pandemic and prevent its spread.

“Getting your business back up to speed is critical for the national economy, but it must be done carefully, without jeopardizing the health of employees, customers and the public.”

The marketing communications agency further lists down four key points to work safely. These are Preparation, Communication, Precaution and Review.

Preparation – Firstly, the organizations must prepare the premises for occupancy by conducting a pre-opening inspection, maintaining workplace distancing rules and checking space availability along with establishing protocols to allow adequate workplace distancing.

Communication -BPG Kuwait recommends designating a senior manager for communication and establishing a welcome back to work program to inform staff of new workplace policies like workstation hygiene requirements, travel and arrival procedures and working arrangements including breaks and meetings.

Precaution – Keep communicating and promoting the message throughout the workplace, that people need to stay home when displaying mild symptoms of COVID-19. Promote regular cleaning of hands and sterilization of surfaces and objects like keyboard or telephone.

Review – Lastly, it is imperative that as business slowly comes back on track, the return to work plan is constantly monitored to ensure it is effective, efficient and obeyed.