Burj Khalifa In Dubai Shines As CARS24 Redefines The 21st Century Car Buying Experience

CARS24, India’s leading e-commerce platform for pre-owned vehicles, took over the tallest of tall Burj Khalifa to unveil its mission of driving the paradigm shift in the UAE pre-owned vehicles market. The brand aims to transform the car buying experience by taking the process completely online.


CARS24 put on a three-minute light show beautifully narrating the essence of the brand- when one can buy books, shoes, groceries, smartphones online; why buy cars like in the 1980s!


The campaign marks CARS24’s journey into experiential marketing and will help strengthen its visibility beyond its home-grown country. With the brand’s recent expansion to the UAE and Australia market, the brand has already created a stir within the pre-owned car industry. The company currently has a portfolio of over 1000 cars worth over AED100 million on its platform in the UAE. In the next phase, CARS24 aims to enter the other Middle Eastern countries and Southeast Asian markets later this year.

Click here to see the magnificent Burj Khalifa shine in CARS24 colours. It is also being promoted on CARS24’s social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.