Celebrating Spider-Man™ Fandom On TikTok

As Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into UAE theaters on December 16, 2021, the franchise is spinning webs of excitement on TikTok, where over 1 billion people come to be entertained in so many ways.

With almost 50 billion views of #spiderman globally, the Spider-Man fandom is among the most active fan communities on TikTok. Whether it’s going deeper into fan theories, discussing new trailers and franchise easter eggs, sharing cosplay costumes and makeup tutorials, or simply finding more information about their favorite hero, the passion and enthusiasm of the Spider-Man fandom, paired with TikTok’s features and effects, open up new opportunities for fans to connect with a bigger community.

Check out what TikTok has in store for fans in the region on @TikTokArab page here (downloadable link here). To celebrate the fandom in time for the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, we’re sharing new ways for the regional community to create, engage and entertain on TikTok.

● Follow the official Daily Bugle TikTok account. Want to join Betty Brant and The Daily Bugle team by becoming an honorary intern? Help bring balanced, fair, and hard-hitting news from the award-winning journalistic juggernaut to the TikTok community.
● Step into the Multiverse with the Spider-Man: No Way Home portal effect. Become Doctor Strange with this new effect that allows you to open new portals and new dimensions via a green screen portal simply by showing the palm of your hand.
● Soundtrack your videos with the Spider-Man: No Way Home film score. Later this month, the full musical score from the film will be available on TikTok. Use the film’s music to create your own Spider-Man fandom videos timed to the launch of No Way Home.

Swing in, spin some webs and join the regional fan community on TikTok as we get ready for Spider-Man: No Way Home, premiering exclusively at cinemas around the world this December.