Events10X Offers Options As Events Go Virtual

Events10X claims to incorporate unparalleled solutions and multilingual high-tech systems to optimize results and support the rapid transformation and digitalization of the events industry.

This platform aims to deliver accessible, sustainable and resilient services by offering hybrid and virtual events to engage with 10X global audiences at reduced cost. Events10X aspire to stay ahead of the curve by taking forward their vision and designing a venue suited to the requirements of their clients. Participants can engage in the hosted events anytime, anywhere and from any device whether a computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet.

“We were inspired by the Dubai 10X initiative to incorporate performance with integrity and adapt a resilient approach. In the past 5 months, we have poured our hearts and souls into developing Events10X that will be launched from UAE to the world. Our goal behind this revolutionary project was to facilitate an event stronger industry, support our communities, introduce incremental innovation and unite great minds from across the globe,” noted Mohammad Dawood, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Events10X, UAE.

In addition, Events10X offers notable tools such as Analytics and Reports, Dashboard, Digital Note Taking, Business Lead Generation, Social Media Integration, Knowledge Hub and Personal Agenda Setup. Meet your future virtual venue that connects the world, embraces innovation and provides quality services in the events industry.

Bjorn Norbech, Co-Founder of Events10X, Norway commented, “It gives me great delight to bring this virtual venue to fruition. With the world evolving, businesses are becoming more operational worldwide. The economic landscape from across the globe is adapting to technological advancements, automation and digitalization to cope with the rising demand for support in that area. Events10X is one such platform which enables an enriching experience for all with its intelligent features that enhances the process and yields optimum results.”