France To Participate In 2021 Edition Of VIV Middle East & Africa Exhibition

The French pavilion will be hosting 15 French companies specialized in: Animal feed & nutrition, animal health, equipment and innovative solutions for hatchery & laboratory and Efficient egg processing lines, packaging. The national pavilion will showcase the latest French technologies in the livestock industry and allow professionals to set up meetings with these companies on the spot.

Covering several industries such as poultry, aquaculture or dairy, the trade show attracts professional visitors mostly from the Middle East, Africa, India and Central Asia. Therefore, the main actors of the industry from all over the world will be present, and France is no exception. In 2019, France was the world’s 6th largest agri-food exporter (UN Comtrade). The agri-food industry being the third largest contributor to the French trade balance in 2019, with a surplus of €7.9 billion, offers expertise in all fields related to livestock. The top four exported products were drinks (€16.7 billion), dairy products (€7.6 billion), meat (€5.43 billion) and grain processing products (€3.56 billion) according to French Customs Authorities. What’s more, in France, 69% of agri-food industries innovate, a figure which is 9 points higher than the average for manufacturing industries (INSEE, CIS survey).