Grey Doha Bags ‘Best Low Budget Campaign’ At CIPR Excellence Awards 2020

Grey Doha stated as the winner for ‘Best Low Budget Campaign’ at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) UK Excellence Awards 2020. The win followed the unique execution of #ICarryHerName (#be7mol2esma) cultural campaign for Galler Chocolatier Lebanon.

The winning campaign that was launched in Lebanon on Father’s Day 2019 reached a million users on social media, boosting brand sales and leaving a positive social impact on gender equality, all within a very smart budget.

Recognizing deep rooted gender biases within Lebanon, Grey Doha used Galler Chocolatier’s position to address the challenge by introducing #ICarryHerName. The hashtag advocated for the ‘Abou’ (dad) label to be joined with the names of Lebanese daughters, going against long held tradition in the country where dads typically used their son’s names. The idea was received by the Lebanese community and surfaced in Galler’s custom collections where chocolate tablets were ordered ‘carrying her name’ on the occasion.

“We are honored to have our work recognized by the CIPR. #ICarryHerName was an exemplary campaign that delivered social impact of great magnitude, setting social media ablaze on a much needed topic. The team behind this project has been resourceful, creative and strategic in tackling this issue and have yet again reached the mark for Grey’s famously effective work,” stated Krikor Khatchikian, Managing Director for Grey Doha.

This year, CIPR recognized Grey Doha’ campaign and the high impact for its brave take on the topic with great creativity and tact.

Denise Yamine, Director of Public Relations & Social Media at Grey Doha added, “We are not only celebrating the win of this campaign, but also all the women who felt empowered by it and all the fathers who have established a deeper connection with their daughters through this thought provoking piece. We combined the power of social media with a powerful message underlying our campaign, showing the far reaching impact of digital tools. Most importantly, we accomplished all of this within the allotted budget of our client, doing more with less.”