Harman Eyes Auto Telematics With Savari

Harman International has stated the acquisition of substantially all the assets of Savari® Inc.

Savari’s software and hardware technology assure to enhance Harman’s automotive telematics and advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) capabilities and expand the company’s strengths in 5G Edge, multi-access edge computing (MEC) and smart infrastructure solutions.

“Sensor technology is a core building block to propel the future of advanced mobility and automated driving. The integration of connected cars, cities and devices is only possible through a comprehensive software and hardware stack including sensors, 5G connectivity, edge computing and more. Adding Savari’s MEC technology and team of experts is an important component as we continue to build an open platform based on 5G and V2X, working with several partners across the industry to meet the unique needs of our customers globally,” noted Christian Sobottka, President, Automotive Division, Harman.

Savari deploys V2X sensor solutions and edge based analytics for automotive and smart infrastructure, including Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, Vehicle-to-Phone for pedestrians and bicyclists, Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Infrastructure-to-Phone. Savari’s hardware and software are radio agnostic, designed to fit any standards-compliant radio, explains the agency.

Ravi Puvvala, Founder and CEO, Savari stated, “Harman is the foremost connected technologies and automotive mobility leader, with the brand strength, scale and resources to accelerate V2X and 5G Edge platforms to market. I look forward to joining Harman and working with their ecosystem of customers and partners, to advance the future of our connected infrastructure and realize safer, more efficient transportation.”