MIPS Ups Focus On Video Tech

Milestone Systems 16th annual Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS) 2021 to be held from March 1-2, 2021 which is said to be virtual and free of charge. The two day event is open to Milestone Systems partners, customers and media to explore the future of video technology under the theme of ‘Shaping the New Next’.

With approx. 2,000 registered attendees from across the globe, MIPS is where the Milestone Systems community comes together to share insights, experiences, best practices and the latest innovations.

“Not only does MIPS bring together Milestone Systems’ global partner community to discuss our vision of where we are going and how we can contribute to each other’s success. This year, we are looking into how our technology is transforming how we work and live and how we can empower people to make the most of video technology in security and beyond,” said Thomas Jensen, Milestone Systems’ Chief Executive Officer.

Each session will discuss the best solutions addressing the evolving market needs post pandemic including artificial intelligence, 5G, IoT and business transformation with video management systems. The speakers are said to present insights about various topics such as how video technology has moved beyond security, macro technology trends and accelerated technology adoption in key industries.

The event says to hold special significance besides being virtual and free of charge as Milestone Systems believes that video technology is the electricity of the 21st century.