Nutanix Partners With AWS For Biz Acceleration

Nutanix stated general availability of Nutanix Clusters on Amazon Web Services (AWS), extending the flexibility and ease of use of the company’s hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) software, along with all Nutanix products and services, to bare metal Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances on AWS.

With this Nutanix says to deliver hybrid cloud infrastructure, one that allows businesses to accelerate their digital initiatives and optimize spending, priorities further amplified in the age of COVID. Nutanix offers a single stack that integrates compute and storage, provides unified operations across private and public clouds, integrated networking with AWS and license portability from private to public clouds, thus addressing key technical and operational challenges of the hybrid cloud era.

Nutanix extends the simplicity and ease of use of its software to public cloud. This eliminates the cost and management complexity of hybrid environments and enables seamless mobility across private and public clouds without any re-architecting of the apps due to built-in networking integration with AWS. Customers now have the flexibility to choose the right cloud environment for each application with the added benefit of license portability across clouds, which has a direct impact on cost and resource optimization.

Additionally, customers will be able to take advantage of the company’s full software stack on private and public cloud. This includes unstructured storage solutions files, application orchestration solution Calm, database administration and automation solution era, and more.

“We are excited to support an extension of a customer’s private cloud environment into AWS with the launch of Clusters on AWS. This provides customers the flexibility to get the most out of both their AWS and Nutanix environments,” said Doug Yeum, Head of Worldwide Channels and Alliances at AWS adding, “Customers now have an opportunity to take advantage of Nutanix Clusters on AWS to deploy adjacent to their cloud native applications in AWS and fast track their digital transformation.”

Key features in Nutanix Clusters include: Apps and Data Mobility, Streamlined Operations with Unified Cloud Environment, Built-In Networking Integration with AWS, Cloud Cost Optimization and Freedom of Choice

Based on research with customers, key use cases for Nutanix Clusters include:
1. Customers looking to move applications to the cloud, or consolidate their datacenters, can simply ‘lift and shift’ them without any change. Clusters eliminates the need to re-architect apps, resulting in very significant cost and time savings to customers. Additionally, Nutanix Move provides application mobility between non-Nutanix solutions and Clusters to further simplify the process.
2. Now customers can scale capacity or expand to different regions in minutes by bursting into public clouds to support seasonal demands, changing priorities and more. This is especially beneficial when speed is of the essence and adding capacity is a lengthy process, like expanding VDI resources.
3. Customers can now leverage AWS for high availability and disaster recovery without adding complexity arising from managing cloud environments or a stand-alone disaster recovery solution.
4. Customers can use cloud native services with existing on-premises applications without expensive re-architecting. This results in easily modernizing existing applications by taking advantage of cloud native services like artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and more to advance customers’ digital initiatives.

“On behalf of our customers, we have always worked to make IT so simple that it’s invisible. As the industry evolved, our focus has expanded beyond the datacenter to help our customers manage the complexity of multiple clouds, whether private or public. Nutanix Clusters on AWS is the realization of this vision. This enables complete flexibility by allowing businesses to write code once and use it anywhere, taking advantage of scale, location, integration and pricing of multiple options, this is the true vision of hybrid cloud,” noted Tarkan Maner, Chief Commercial Officer at Nutanix.

Nutanix Clusters on AWS is currently available to customers in 20 AWS Regions. In addition to being able to easily use their existing portable Nutanix licenses, customers will be able to choose between Cloud Commit and pay-as-you-go models.