Nutanix Ups Cloud Infrastructure Management Solutions

Nutanix professed new solutions that will allow IT teams to deploy, upgrade and troubleshoot their cloud infrastructure while working from anywhere, whether at home or from a central office location. These solutions will be delivered via Nutanix Foundation Central, Insights and Lifecycle Manager, all of which will be available as part of Nutanix HCI software at no additional cost to customers.

Managing IT infrastructure, troubleshooting issues and updating software often requires IT teams to be onsite at their data center, something even more challenging with social distancing requirements. These Nutanix solutions will allow IT teams to remotely manage cloud infrastructure throughout the entire software lifecycle.

“Nutanix was founded with a vision to make IT infrastructure management so simple, that it essentially becomes invisible,” said Greg Smith, VP of Technical and Product Marketing at Nutanix adding, “These new capabilities will offer an even more seamless experience from day one and beyond, from anywhere. Nutanix’s simplified management as well as a more secure and resilient IT infrastructure, whether from home or a remote location, is something that is now more important than ever.”

Managed through the Prism interface, Nutanix Foundation Central allows IT teams to deploy private cloud infrastructure on a global scale from a single interface, and from any location. After quickly installing non configured appliances or servers on site, Foundation Central then takes over to image and configure Nutanix nodes and install any Nutanix software solution. In addition to automating and centralizing infrastructure software deployment, Foundation Central enables organizations to simply scale existing infrastructure capacity to keep pace with business growth.

Nutanix Insights says to provide predictive health and automated support services to streamline IT operations globally. The new service will analyze telemetry from customers’ cloud deployments, including all clusters, sites and geographies, to identify ongoing and potential issues that could impact application and data availability. Once identified, the Insights service can provide customized recommendations to optimize the health and performance of the infrastructure. These recommendations are based on established IT best practices, as well as knowledge accumulated by Nutanix in supporting more than 16,000 enterprises.

Additionally, the Insights service can automatically open a support ticket with Nutanix, have a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) assigned and optionally collect and upload all relevant customer log files for analysis, all without any manual interaction. Preliminary internal data reveals that Insights will enable customers to resolve about 30% of issues without opening a support ticket, resulting in fewer support cases for a healthier IT and cloud infrastructure.

Nutanix Lifecycle Manager (LCM) claims to deliver seamless, one click upgrades to the Nutanix software stack, as well as to appliance firmware without any application or infrastructure downtime. LCM can automatically determine any software and firmware dependencies, intelligently prioritize updates and orchestrate the entire upgrade process removing guesswork and resulting in a more secure and resilient infrastructure. And, as with other Nutanix solutions, LCM will be able to operate anywhere to manage Nutanix environments globally.

“At NetDocuments, we have 12 co-located datacenters to support our customers all over the world, so simplicity, scalability and ability to manage the infrastructure remotely are paramount. Nutanix delivers on all of these aspects and helps us keep our customers happy. Products like Foundation Central and LCM are key to our ability to deploy, manage and troubleshoot issues remotely,” noted Todd Burris, System Engineer at NetDocuments.

Nutanix software additionally assures to deliver a secure, resilient and easy-to-use private cloud infrastructure solution. Nutanix Foundation Central is currently available to customers. Nutanix Insights and Lifecycle Manager are under development.