First KFC Gaming Show Debuts With 800k YouTube Views

The MENA region’s leading and most disruptive gaming and e-sports company, Power League Gaming (PLG), has built one of the biggest active online gaming communities in the Middle East for KFC Arabia, through the creation of a dedicated gaming account, KFC Gaming ME, and the launch of the first KFC gaming show in the world.

Having been the retained gaming partner for KFC Arabia since the start of 2020, PLG’s latest project has seen the creation of an eight-episode YouTube show with an aim to connect, uplift and reward Arabic gamers, as well as increase fanquisition levels across the brand’s content platforms. The ‘Your game your style’ gaming show has exceeded 800k views and generated 20.9% engagement since it launched in May 2021 which is more than 400% the industry benchmark of 5% on YouTube. The show has also converted 3.34% of viewers to direct sales and has driven 5,000 new app users across KSA and the UAE, making the project a gateway for building and retaining Arabic gaming audiences for the brand.

CEO of Power League Gaming, Mathew Pickering said: “The unparalleled performance of the KFC gaming show is testament to the quality of PLG and KFC’s content strategy which was developed to build, entertain and engage Arabic gaming audiences across KFC’s social and digital ecosystem. The results speak for themselves and are a further validation of our collective ability to deliver strategies, content, and experiences which resonate with Arabic gamers. This project has allowed us to build brand equity and deliver tangible value to KFC and its customers.”

PLG created the disruptive format for the gaming show after identifying that Arabic gamers are frequently misrepresented and underserved in the global gaming market and lack high quality localized content. In response to KFC’s brief of needing to celebrate streamers big and small in the region, and addressing the brand’s desire to become the brand of choice for gamers in the Middle East, PLG created the KFC gaming show concept to not only entertain the audience, but also to empower promising gaming talent in the region.

Setting the standard high for show production, the KFC gaming show project has seen PLG use the absolute best in next gen production that includes a virtual set environment to represent the Colonel’s gaming room, the main set for the game, and has been inspired by the region’s love of anime and video games.

Responsible for 360-degree management of the project from ideation to development, project management and delivery, PLG has driven value to all stakeholders from both the brand and gamer perspective. Through the project, PLG has built and retained a highly engaged Arabic gaming audience for KFC, which has strengthened brand equity and driven a measurable shift in audience perception of KFC, with the brand now seen as a relevant gaming brand and credible content provider in the market amongst its target demographic. For Arabic gaming audiences, PLG has provided premium gaming content and experiences interwoven with exclusive offers, promotions and gaming meal deals to create a connected and engaged gaming community.

Power League Gaming is the MENA region’s most disruptive full-service gaming, content and e-sports activation company that is made up of passionate gamers, ex-pro e-sports athletes, brand strategists, content creators, designers, and educators. For the past decade, the PLG team has shaped the gaming and e-sports sector in the MENA region through its offering of a tailored brand experience from a team that is guaranteed to help clients deliver on their marketing objectives—be it shifting perception, brand equity building, or simply growing the audience base, with tangible ROIs to measure the success.