Snap Inc. Launches Family Center Content Controls For Snapchat

Snap Inc. has unveiled a new feature in Family Center that will enable parents to set limits on the type of content their teens can consume on Snapchat. Family Center was launched last year to support positive parental control and a safer digital future.

The feature will also allow teens to notify their parents when they report an account or a piece of content to Snap’s Trust and Safety team. This is coupled with the publishing of Snapchat’s new eligibility Content Guidelines, all of which seek to make Snapchat a better, safer place for Snapchatters.

On Snapchat, there are two places where content can potentially reach a large audience:  

  • Stories is Snapchat’s content platform, where content creators, Snap Stars, and media partners provide trusted news, entertainment, sports and other genres. Stories is not an open platform – and creators and partners must abide by content editorial guidelines. 
  • Spotlight is Snapchat’s entertainment platform, where Snapchatters can watch fun and creative content created by members of the community.


Family Center aims to offer parents the tools to gain insight into who their teens are communicating with, in a way that simultaneously respects their teens’ autonomy. Snap will continue to roll out additional tools over time to help make Family Center more customized to the needs of individual teens as well as their parents. 

Georg Wolfart, Head of Policy at Snap said, “From the start, Snapchat was designed to be different. As opposed to traditional social media platforms, Snapchat was made to provide a private, positive and safe platform to interact, which includes what content is consumed. This is why Family Center was made to ensure both privacy and safety. In our recently published whitepaper with PwC and RLC, Snapchat was ranked the #1 happiest platform when compared to other apps. Snapchat provides a non-judgemental platform to enhance real relationships with the people and things you love. We are deliberate about the type of content we allow on our platform, and our policies are designed to uphold these standards.”

Snapchat reaches more than 90% of 13-to 34-year-olds in the Kingdom and 71% of parents. As countries in the MENA region continue to adopt emerging technologies, it is imperative that safe online spaces for the region’s youth are prioritized. In recent years, the UAE has emphasized the need to enhance digital well-being, providing a safe environment for everyone, but especially teens and children. Snapchat realizes its responsibility towards its users and the wider community and is dedicated to remaining a safe, fun, and curated platform.