TikTok Calls On Users To #CelebrateMom This Mother’s Day Through A Dedicated Filter Set To Hussain Al Jassmi’s Latest Tune Ommi Janna

TikTok is pulling out all the stops this Mother’s Day to help users show the women they care about most just how important they are. To best #CelebrateMom on the platform, TikTok will be launching a dedicated filter to get the creative juices flowing and inspire video content, where users can share their personal stories and experiences that celebrate their love for the superwomen in their lives.

The filter, live on the platform from today until the 21st of March, calls everyone to express their love for their mothers, through sharing their favourite experiences, memories and habits, as they recount just how much they appreciate all that mothers do to raise, support and nurture their families.

Better yet, TikTok is unveiling the official soundtrack to #CelebrateMom, in the form of popular singer Hussain Al Jassmi’s latest tune – Ommi Janna. The widely loved Emirati pianist, composer, musician and singer’s newest track, which has been making waves since its launch, will give users the chance to set the tone for their thoughtful video tributes.

Building on the musical inspiration, prompts on the screen will see heart-warming topics tackled, from words of inspiration, best memories and things users love most about their mom, to catch phrases, talents, favourite dishes and more. Regional creators led the charge to show their support for the initiative, including @Mama de Popo @Amina Tibi @Sal Style @Samantha/سامنتا @remiesalloum and @Zaher M. Kafrouni

The special occasion gives everyone the chance to express their love and appreciation for their mothers, as they #CelebrateMom.