Uber Now In Sharjah

Uber has launched ride hailing services in Sharjah. The launch is part of Uber’s ongoing efforts to continue providing more access to Uber’s technology and in line with the company’s commitment to invest in the region’s potential for growth by expanding and serving more of the community and creating additional earning opportunities for drivers during a challenging time. Riders in Sharjah are said to have access to UberSelect.

“We’ve seen the benefits of rapid technology adoption and improved access to transportation in the region. COVID-19 has presented unprecedented challenges, but as we work towards accelerating recovery, we’re focusing on our strengths offering safe, reliable and affordable mobility solutions and investing in securing the livelihoods of drivers by creating additional earning opportunities. The UAE is committed to driving urban mobility and leading smart cities of the future, and we believe we have an important role to play in facilitating this vision, advancing the mobility system and ultimately improving people’s quality of life,” said Rifad Mahasneh, General Manager, GCC & Levant at Uber MENA.

Uber has also claimed to roll out enhanced safety features to help everyone using the app stay safe and healthy. This includes mandating masks for both riders and drivers and offering them the flexibility to cancel a ride without incurring a penalty, if they’re not wearing a mask. Drivers are also asked to undertake additional safety measures such as regularly sanitizing their car and making hand sanitizer available for riders.

Similarly, riders are required to wash their hands before getting in the car, sit in the backseat and not exceed the maximum number of people allowed in a vehicle at a time. This is in addition to the core safety features on the app including GPS tracking, two way accountability, driver screenings, real time ID check, trusted contacts, trip anonymization and emergency integration that have been introduced as Uber continues to put safety at the heart of everything it does.