Uber Launches Major App Update To Help Ensure Riders Stay Safe


Today, Uber has announced the latest steps it is taking to help improve safety on the app with the launch of the new Safety Check-Up feature.

In an industry-leading move, the Safety Check-Up feature will encourage riders to complete their safety profile by turning on and utilizing the Trusted Contacts, PIN Verification and RideCheck features that are available in-app. All these tools have been designed to improve the safety of the Uber platform:

Trusted Contacts: Riders can choose their Trusted Contacts in the app and set reminders to share their live journey with them, so family and friends can follow the trip and make sure the rider arrives at their destination safely.

PIN verification: To ensure that a rider is getting into the correct car, users can turn on PIN verification, where the driver must input the correct pin provided by the rider before the trip can start. The Check Up feature allows riders to enable the PIN verification tool and choose the hours it is active.

RideCheck: This feature uses GPS technology to detect anomalies in trips, such as a long stopover or potential collision. If the app alerts us to such events, we’ll check in on the rider and driver and offer resources to get help.

Norhen Ali, Head of MENA Communications at Uber: “The safety of everyone who uses our app is a top priority, and we’re constantly improving our features. The Safety Check-Up feature will encourage riders to make use of the full range of safety tools offered on the app to ensure they are always as safe as possible.”

The new feature adds to a number of existing features, such as GPS tracking, Personal Data Anonymization, the Emergency Button, 24/7 Support, Driver Screening, Speed Alerts, Driver Hour Limits and a number of safety measures introduced to address COVID19.