Vivo Gears Up To Release Its Turbo-Charged T Series Smartphones

Vivo will soon be unveiling a new smartphone series that combines turbo performance, premium photography, and revolutionary design all at an affordable price point. Known as the T series, vivo’s new offering will comprise the T1 5G and T1x models, which have been geared towards mobile gamers and others who demand peak performance from their device.

The vivo T1 5G’s 778G Snapdragon processor acts as a strong engine for any demanding gaming experience, with a dynamic screen for a crisp HD experience. The device’s camera is as effective as a portable DSLR and delivers multiple shooting modes for personalized output. Meanwhile, its stablemate, the vivo T1x, provides equally impressive performance thanks to its own powerful Snapdragon 680 chip and versatile 50MP main camera.

Both models will boast a satisfyingly long battery life to last through the most intensive of gaming sessions, complemented by fast charge capabilities to bring the device back into action sooner. And, each model promises a ‘cool’ experience — quite literaly. Both the T1x and T1 5G feature an inventive Vapor Chamber Cooling System that dissipates heat for a comfortable experience.

The T1 5G and T1x will be available in UAE and KSA exclusively on starting from July 22nd.