Al-Futtaim Group Concludes Successful Participation In ‘Ru’ya, Careers UAE Redefined’

United Arab Emirate: Al-Futtaim Group, a premier regional conglomerate, culminated its impactful presence at the ‘Ru’ya, Careers UAE Redefined’ 2023 exhibition held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 19 – 21 September. As the sustainability sponsor, the Group’s pavilion became a magnet for Emiratis exploring career avenues, facilitating countless direct and virtual engagements. Mira Omar Al Futtaim, Chairperson of the Al-Futtaim Group Emiratisation Council, inaugurated the pavilion, which garnered attention from numerous dignitaries throughout its duration. The Group’s strategic approach this year was underscored by dedicated teams, offering insights into available roles and guiding potential candidates.

In its strategic plans for success at this year’s edition, Al-Futtaim Group prioritised equipping its pavilion with dedicated teams focused on attracting aspiring talent, offering in-depth information on the Group’s available roles and assisting candidates in joining. Such endeavours aim to aid individuals in pursuing fulfilling careers, further nurturing their growth and providing them with hands-on skills and experiences.

Commenting on the triumphant participation in the 2023 ‘Ru’ya, Careers UAE Redefined’, Mira Omar Al Futtaim, Chairperson of the Al-Futtaim Group Emiratisation Council said: “Our Group is a pioneer in the field of attracting, employing and training citizens. Through our Emiratisation platform, SINYAR, we introduce cutting-edge educational and training programmes to empower Emirati professionals to excel in their roles within our diverse affiliated companies and provide a pathway for those looking to advance their careers in both the public and private sectors.”

She added: “At Al-Futtaim Group, our foundation is rooted in ambitious national objectives. We are committed to offering incentives that inspire candidates to join the national workforce, thereby driving the country’s economic progress. We also tirelessly foster collaborative ties with governmental bodies and private entities to craft a cohesive system that bolsters the government’s Emiratisation initiatives.”

During the exhibition, Al-Futtaim Group’s pavilion experienced a tremendous influx of visitors over its three-day duration. The Group efficiently catered to over 2,000 Emirati job-seekers across hundreds of job opportunities, conducting numerous on-the-spot interviews and setting up an online channel for virtual interactions, ensuring swift recruitment of qualified candidates.
These roles span the Group’s five primary sectors: automotive, financial services, real estate, retail, and health, as well as our corporate services and the Al-Futtaim Education Foundation. By the exhibition’s end, the Group had successfully onboarded a selection of skilled individuals to various departments, amplifying the number of Emirati appointments within the Group.

Adding his perspective, Ibrahim Al Sayegh, Head of Emiratisation Strategy at Al-Futtaim Group, said: “The overwhelming reception at our pavilion surpassed our expectations. Our diligent team was well-equipped to cater to the influx of visitors, swiftly addressing their queries and facilitating on-the-spot interviews. Moreover, we were privileged to attract a cadre of driven individuals, whom we anticipate will be instrumental in propelling the Group’s future growth both domestically and in the wider regional market. They will find all forms of support to integrate into the multicultural work environment.”

Building on its heritage and values-based vision, Al-Futtaim Group stands as a beacon among family-owned brands in the UAE and beyond. With an unwavering three-decade commitment to Emiratisation, the Group underscores its allegiance to uplift the local talent pool, a dedication that resonates in its reputation as a sought-after employment hub in the region. By mentoring and moulding Emirati youth, the Group envisions a bright future with these nurtured talents as the torchbearers and leaders of tomorrow.

The organisation of the 2023 Ru’ya: Careers UAE Redefined exhibition, where Al-Futtaim Group was the sustainability partner, comes as the deadline for achieving Emiratisation goals in the UAE approaches. The Group is keen to be consistent with the government’s goals related to the localisation of Emirati talent and expertise in the public and private sectors, and to work to achieve them through a group of official programs and initiatives, especially the programs issued by the by the Emirati Talents Competitiveness Council  (Nafis).