Big Farm Bros Play Consumer-Producer Card For Dubai Launch

The Big Farm Brothers organization was launched in Dubai to enable consumers to buy non-perishable goods directly from farmers allowing them access to the best products at the best prices. All this, in light of the changes that the local and global markets are witnessing as a result of the economic effects of the Corona pandemic, and at a time when many consumers are keen to monitor prices and seize all possible opportunities to reduce spending.

Big Farm Brothers also aim to support small farmers to distribute their produce eliminating the need for wholesalers and retailers, thus enabling them to distribute their products at a profitable margin.

The Big Farm Brothers claims to work primarily in support of small farmers and provide all backend requirements that help them market their products in return for a fair value. It is also says to be concerned with the development and maintenance of the appropriate ecosystem to ensure the sustainability of their resources.

Big Farm Brothers platform represents a virtual association for farmers and offers them with a platform to attract consumers and increase the demand on their products at times when ecommerce continues its global expansion in light of the technical and technological advances taking place, especially in the stage of the emerging coronavirus crisis, which increased consumers’ demand for electronic shopping, to access products and services safely and effectively.

On the consumers’ front, the organization is working on the re-adaptation of consumers’ lifestyles to enjoy a healthy way of living while preserving the environment. Providing composting services for household waste, consumers can use the produced fertile soil and organic fertilizers to grow their plants. The Big Farm Brothers platform also provides a wide range of indoor Dutch-grown top quality plants in organic pots with modern designs.

During the first phase of launching the platform, users will be able to order organic recycling and composting services, in addition to indoor plants and organic pots. Non-perishable goods made from the finest natural raw materials such as ghee, spices, honey, essential oils, skin care products and others are said to be available shortly.

ComBin, Waste to Wealth
Reports confirm that the state is investing 6.6 billion dirhams in recycling waste, which is represented in many waste management and treatment projects of all kinds and reducing the resulting quantities, which are estimated at 18 thousand tons per day.

To increase the residents’ awareness on importance of residential recycling as it reduces the process of disposing of waste by burying it in landfills or burning it, and thus helps reduce pollution and global warming over and above its economic value, Big Farm Brothers launched the organic recycling and composting service ComBin, offering a comprehensive recycling and natural composting program in which household organic waste is recycled.

ComBin (designed by Donald Norden) aims to support the development and the promotion of an environmental culture among all members of society educating them on the proper disposing of waste in all its forms and types. Given that community members are key partners playing a vital role in maintaining a healthy, clean and sustainable environment, reuse and recycling practices should be widely adopted. It is also important to recognize that waste treatment at the individual and corporate level could contribute to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions by 8%.

Big Farm Brothers will provide residential units with ComBin containers to collect household waste and recycle them to produce organic fertilizers without unpleasant odors, which contributes to reducing waste sent to landfills, in addition to securing a financial return through the sale of fertilizers.

The Big Farm Brothers team will coordinate with the residents the schedule of fortnight visits as they will come to spread the organic ingredients and culture while rotating the compost by professional rotors. After a month a jute bag full of compost soil will be handed to residents to use in their gardens. They can however opt to put up the surplus for sale via the Big Farm Brothers platform so that other farmers can benefit.

The Big Garden Souk
Big Farm Brothers platform introduced the Big Garden Souk, providing all essential requirements to make indoor gardening simple, encouraging people in indoor gardening.

The Big Garden Souk provides a wide range of durable, easy-to-grow plants, such as Echeveria, and easy-to-care plants such as palms and hanging plants such as Hedera. It also provides Terracotta pots that allow for air and water to move through the walls, preventing soil disease and root rot. Unlike plants living outside, houseplants don’t have a regular source of nutrient replenishment unless fertilized regularly, so Big Garden Souk provides a wide range of fertilizers to give plants the optimal nutrition they need. is expected to continue growing its supply of natural goods and will also work to enhance its community outreach services with a series of educational seminars to be declared soon.