DHL Names Saudi’s First Female Sr HR Director

DHL Express Saudi Arabia named Nada Al Tamimi as the first Saudi female as Senior Human Resources Director at the company. The selection comes in line with efforts to empower Saudi women and reinforce their participation in the growing labor market.

Ms Al Tamimi holds BA in Business Administration from the University of Dammam. Over the duration of six years, she rose through various positions in the Human Resources department, earning a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience in this field. She also deputized the former Senior Human Resources Director since last November.

Prior to joining DHL Express Saudi, Ms Al Tamimi played a major role in leading a number of prominent projects in Saudi Arabia which include: improving medical insurance to cover family members, financing human resources and supporting the Saudi nationalization scheme, in addition to many other projects.

Faysal El Hajjami, Country Manager of DHL Express KSA commented, “We at DHL Express Saudi Arabia deeply believe in the developmental role of Saudi women in supporting the national economy and the Kingdom’s comprehensive development plans to elevate the socioeconomic status in the Kingdom. Thus, we are very proud to declare the appointment of the first Saudi female to our board of directors, and we are confident that Ms. Nada will be a valuable addition to the Human Resources department. We look forward to supporting female leaders’ participation in the decision making process and enabling them to assume leadership positions.”

DHL Express Saudi Arabia’s new position will support women’s participation rate, ensuring equal opportunities by investing in their capabilities to expand females’ organizational potential at every administrative level. Also, this appointment shall build a great incentive for various companies and institutions to follow in efforts to increase female participation on corporate boards.