Bulwark Tech, Skurio Join Hands For India

Bulwark Technologies joins hand with with Skurio for an innovative new capability to Bulwark’s portfolio, adding a data centric approach to cyber security that is now available to businesses across the India region.

“Our partnership with Bulwark Technologies marks a significant milestone for Skurio in our geographic expansion and we look forward to working with their team and their substantial partner network in the India region. As the cyber threat landscape continues to grow, it is vital that businesses can access technologies like Digital Risk Protection through their trusted suppliers. We believe it’s relationships like this that will help Digital Risk Protection become a standard component of every company’s cyber security strategy,” commented Jeremy Hendy, Skurio’s Chief Executive Officer.

The Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform is said to be fully automated solution that searches the surface, deep and Dark Web for breaches of critical business data and potential cyber threats to an organization. The solution also says to offer protection to customers from risks and threats to revenue, reputation and regulatory compliance to keep them safe and minimize damage and costs from a breach.

Jose Thomas Menacherry, Managing Director, Bulwark Technologies stated, “We are delighted to partner with Skurio as their preferred Cybersecurity Specialized VAD for the region. With Skurio, we can offer every organization the ability to reveal their spectrum of Digital Risk, so that they can take action to mitigate it. Skurio is an innovative solution that automates & penetrates outside the network for potential threats and thus addresses the current cyber threat landscape in the region.”