Cedar O2’s Shout Out For Lebanese Industrial Sector

Cedar Oxygen is launching its virtual industrial fair, which is slated to take place on the April 29, 2021 to support the Lebanese Industrial sector for the support and survival of the ‘Made in Lebanon’. This event is said to be free for anyone to participate and get exposure to the Lebanese savoir-faire from the comfort of your home or office.

Around 40 Lebanese industrialists, across five different value add and productive sectors (Agri-food, Chemical Products, Industrial & Electrical Machinery, Textile & Clothing, Paper & Packaging) are said to be shortlisted to participate and exhibit in the event and showcase their know how and products to Belgian, French, German and UK end buyers and suppliers of raw materials.

There will be industrial technology solutions among participating companies and opportunities to network with investors.

The virtual fair claims to include:
• An exhibition area showcasing the industrialists’ virtual booth
• An auditorium to host lectures by keynote speakers in order to discuss methods to support the industrial sector and benefit the economy as a whole
• A lounge for networking sessions