DEWA Women’s Committee Reiterates Empowerment

DEWA Women’s Committee hosted a virtual meeting with the Women’s Committee of the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture & Tourism. The discussion covered DEWA’s best practices in empowering women.

DEWA Women’s Committee discussed its efforts to provide a positive and encouraging environment to develop the skills of female employees and their role in consolidating DEWA’s success and prestigious global position. The committee outlined its strategy, objectives and plans to empower women and help them balance their personal and professional lives, their emerging needs and their requirements to unleash their potential and creativity.

Fatima Al Jokar, Chairperson of DEWA’s Women Committee stated, “DEWA’s top management provides all the resources to empower female employees and help them make a positive and sustainable impact. It is one of Dubai Government’s leading organizations in engaging women in decision making, making it a role model for the public and private sectors inside and outside the UAE.”

“We welcome benchmarking and sharing successful experiences, so women are always supporters for our nation, in preserving our gains and creating new achievements to achieve social and sustainable development. In line with DEWA’s top management directives, the Women’s Committee focuses on encouraging all its female employees to succeed and prove themselves. This positively affects their professional and social lives, as well as that of society,” she added.