Effectiveness Of Automated Ad Campaigns

In a study conducted by Hubspot, an inbound marketing platform, 65 percent of all online small business owners cite traffic acquisition as their number one challenge.

This makes sense when you think of the nature of running an online business versus an offline one.

If you want to sell sunglasses in the mall, all you need is to rent out the space, and once you open up shop you start getting customers in your door from day one. The mall will get the footfall for you. You just need to convert them into customers.

Compare this to trying to sell sunglasses online. Once your website is open for businesses, no one is bringing you any footfall. You have to work to acquire that traffic, and this is why without proper online marketing, any online business is in for a world of pain.

Acquiring online traffic is not something most business owners are well versed with.

Typically have three options to choose from:
#1. Outsource Your Digital Marketing To An Agency
They will charge you a monthly fee in addition to your advertising budget. The issue is that there are hundreds of these agencies and they all claim they can do the same thing. You really don’t know what you’re going to get until you’ve already signed up with one of them, and it will probably take you a couple of months and a few thousand dollars before you discover if they’re any good. And if not, you need to repeat the same cycle.

#2. Hire A Digital Marketing Executive
If you want to have more ‘control’ and bring things in-house, you will consider hiring someone full-time so they’re dedicated to making your business succeed online. Unfortunately, if you’re not a digital marketing expert yourself, you won’t be able to properly qualify the person you’re hiring, and even if you are, you still won’t know if they’re a fit until they start running campaigns for you. And if they’re no good, breaking up is not as easy as finding a new agency.

#3. Do It Yourself
You might end up deciding to figure things out on your own instead. It may look easy at first and someone might think they can just read about it online. Unfortunately, this is not true. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you will end up losing a ton of money, time, and might even hurt your business (in some ways).

While every business owner has to choose one of the three options above, none of them are ideal. They’re all tedious, costly and inefficient.

Because of how vital online marketing is for the success of any business, and due to its complexity and the difficulty of getting it right, a new solution appeared — advertising automation.

Advertising automation solutions are powered by artificial intelligence such as Instascaler.com. It is basically an attempt to completely automate everything that would be done by a human digital marketer. All you need to do is plug in your URL, and push a button. It’s literally called ‘push button marketing’.

Businesses can obviously benefit by putting their online traffic acquisition on auto-pilot, which gives them the ability to focus on key areas of running and growing their business. But the greatest benefit is the ROI (Return-on-investment) that automation solutions can generate over time.

Since everything is run by a machine, these solutions are typically engineered in a way to optimize spend of your marketing budget, and they get smarter over time using machine learning. This means the more you run them, the better results you get for the same budget. It’s quite hard to achieve using any of the three options we discussed above.

The way these solutions work is by automated analysis of the brand’s website, and relying on historical data-sets to figure out the best marketing channels and targeting options to find relevant audiences. The ads are then automatically created using material found on the website across the chosen marketing channels, and then a process of optimization starts where the engine selects the best bids and continuously enhances its parameters based on the results it achieves.

The other major benefit that automation brings to the table is getting good results quickly. Rather than wasting significant time in legwork, businesses can start receiving the rewards in a shorter time frame.

The key to succeeding in any online business is effective online marketing. It’s not going to work well if you have a great product but can’t show it properly to those who want it. Previously this required either access to large budgets or expensive talent. Automation brings a new hope for democratizing online marketing to the masses, and helping businesses owners around the world succeed online.

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