Egypt Showcases Its Most Prominent Tourism Projects During Its Participation In The Arab Travel Market

Egypt is showcasing its potential, projects and future tourism initiatives at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM 2024) in Dubai, as a commitment to enhancing this experience and working to attract more visitors from all over the world, especially from the GCC, led by the United Arab Emirates, taking into account that this sector has achieved new records, as Egypt received around 15 million tourists in 2023.

Dr. Ghada Shalaby, Egypt’s Vice Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for Tourism Affairs, said: “Egypt is gearing up to attract a wide range of travelers based on its commitment to diversifying its tourism offerings. The Ministry has worked to unveil a group of new products that meet the evolving preferences of travelers, from health tourism to meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions tourism, all the way to the innovative Umrah Plus product and the attractive Cairo City Break program.”

Dr. Ghada noted that the cooperation lies at the heart of Egypt’s tourism strategy. By strengthening partnerships between tourism entities in Egypt, Far East , GGC countries among other Arab countries, the Ministry aims to combine efforts in promoting Egyptian destinations and ensuring unparalleled experiences for visitors. Through collaborative endeavors, the tourism sector is ready to flourish and grow.

“Egypt’s commitment to infrastructure development remains steadfast. From enhancing transportation networks to enhancing airport facilities and expanding railway systems, significant investments are being made to improve accessibility and connectivity across the country. These initiatives play an essential role in facilitating smooth travel experiences for visitors to Egypt, Dr Ghada said.

On another note, Amr El-Kady, CEO, Egyptian Tourism Authority, mentioned that Egypt is witnessing a qualitative shift in its approach to tourism, as by embracing the dynamism of the private sector, the country is embarking on a journey of liberation and promoting an enabling environment for investment and innovation in the travel sector. From this standpoint, the Arabian Travel Market, held in Dubai, constitutes an essential platform to complete these efforts and raise its status at this level.”

Mr. Al-Kady pointed out that the Egyptian Tourism Authority is taking advanced steps to enhance customer experience at archaeological sites. A prime example of this is the opening of the new visitor centre, planned as part of the upcoming transformation of the Giza Pyramids in a few weeks.

It is worth to mention that Egypt’s tourism sector continues to chart a path of growth and resilience. After a record-breaking year in 2023, with 15 million visitors flocking to its shores, compared to 4.9 million in 2021, while further expansion is expected in 2024. With a firm focus on enhancing visitor experiences, strengthening partnerships, and investing in… Infrastructure, Egypt is well positioned to keep its economy on an upward trajectory in the tourism landscape.

The newly launched Cairo City Break program will reshape the capital’s appeal by promoting Cairo as a long weekend destination. Egypt presents the emerging destination of Ras El Hekma – a relaxing haven located along the picturesque Egyptian coastline with ancient monuments and cultural attractions. Eco-friendly Hop-on Hop-off buses will be launched, enhancing the accessibility and sustainability of the tourism experience. A new road will be opened later this year to reduce the journey time from Luxor to Hurghada from 5.5 hours to 4 hours.

In this regard, it is noteworthy that a new reform of the tourism industry has been introduced, which includes steps towards deregulation and liberalization. Egypt has allocated a staggering 22% of its GDP over the past seven years to comprehensive infrastructure development. The state aims to double the capacity of hotel rooms in the country will increase from 220 thousand to 400 thousand room nights during the next five years.