ELiG Goes Digital With Beyontec

Ethio Life and General Insurance S.C (ELiG) has signed up Beyontec Suite to transform its operations to digital.

“As the fastest growing company in delivering innovative insurance products and services to millions of customers in Ethiopia, we want to be agile and responsive to the customers’ needs and be in a position to offer superior services backed by a digital framework of business processes. Beyontec’s proven products and superior service quality will put ELiG in the right trajectory for revenue acceleration and growth,” commented Shimeles Giorgis, CEO of ELiG.

Insurers in Ethiopia are rapidly adopting new technology to drive efficiencies through increased digitization and automation of manual processes such as policy administration, claims, payments and inter-company transactions. By adopting Beyontec Suite and the Beyontec portal solutions, Ethio Life and General Insurance S.C will soon be able to offer the full range of its products online, while managing higher quality risks and improved customer engagements, explains the agency.

Abdulhamid Mohammed, Managing Director, Moti Engineering said, “With Beyontec’s expertise in transforming IT in Insurance, we are confident that this partnership will accelerate the modernization of insurers in Ethiopia and strengthen our digital portfolios.”

To secure the ELiG account, Beyontec says to partner with Moti Engineering.

“We are extremely pleased to be chosen as the technology partner by Ethio Life and General Insurance S.C. Our client-centric approach enables us to focus on the immediate and future requirements of Ethio Life and General Insurance S.C. Beyontec Suite, our flagship core administrative solution, is fully equipped to transform ELiG’s business operations from legacy to digital and our portal solutions will help them expand the business online, and be fully compliant,” stated Vivek Sethia, CEO and Co-founder of Beyontec Solutions.