Etihad Beats Brands In Ad Awareness

One of the brands that seem to be catching the attention of viewers is Etihad Airlines. The national airline saw the highest increase in Ad Awareness amongst brands tracked in the UAE in January 2020 by YouGov.

In the past few months, Etihad has come up with a couple of advertisements urging people to ‘Choose Well’, giving them several choices to travel through Etihad. In January alone, the brand released a new digital advert titled ‘Explore The World on Your Own Terms’ which has reached approximately 15000 views while its other advertisements ‘Go Your Own Way’ and ‘Choose Well’ have reached more than 12 lakh and 5 lakh views respectively.

In addition the airline operated its first eco-flight and released material showcasing the livery painting to distinguish the plane as ‘The Greenliner’. There was also the announcement of the partnership with easyJet and lastly, the new mega venue on Yas Island was officially renamed as Etihad Arena.

YouGov BrandIndex data reveals the Ad Awareness score (the metric that tracks whether someone has seen or heard an advertisement by a company in the past two weeks) for Etihad Airways has improved by +7.7 percentage points throughout January, ending the month with a final score of 40.

UAE residents are not only noticing Etihad Airways ads, the brand has also seen a significant uplift in its Word of Mouth score (whether you have talked about a brand with friends or family) in January, compared to December.

BrandIndex data also shows that Consideration scores for Etihad Airways had an uplift during January, indicating that the campaigns have not only increased Ad Awareness, but also Consideration for the brand.