Fine Raises Awareness On Environmental Impact Of Disposable Masks

It all started with a question from the creator of the Fine Guard Reusable Protective Mask, asking, “Did you know disposable face masks don’t degrade?”. This was the brief that ignited Horizon FCB Dubai to create a campaign to say, yes, we are all concerned about protecting ourselves from COVID-19, but we are forgetting to protect our planet.

When COVID-19 struck, Fine Hygienic Holding used its skills at making hygiene products to create the first reusable and washable mask that is clinically proven to kill the Coronavirus. Because, while we need to wear masks, every day hundreds of thousands of non-recyclable masks are being disposed of around the world, harming the planet.

“A mere three months ago we worried about ocean plastic and polluting our world. Now we are massively accelerating pollution by tossing billions of disposable masks into our oceans and landfills,” said Fine Hygienic Holding, CEO – James Michael Lafferty.

Horizon FCB Dubai took up the challenge, and created the campaign ‘Waste Can Mask Our Future’. Working in lockdown the agency produced every asset from portraits to hero films, right from ideation to launch remotely from the team’s homes across the Middle East and beyond. And, with no possibility of doing a photoshoot, everything had to be done online, with a photographer directed over webcam to shoot the masks, and a retoucher to realistically place them on our visuals.

“This was an exciting creative opportunity, to spark a conversation and create awareness on social media about this important and overlooked issue,” said Horizon FCB Dubai, General Manager – Reham Mufleh.

This campaign aims to raise awareness about the environmental impact of these disposable masks. “Never Finished, we will keep pushing boundaries and in this case we feel it’s crucial for the world to become aware of the impact disposable masks are making on our environment, while staying safe and getting the best possible protection,” said President of Horizon Holdings – Mazen Jawad.

James Michael Lafferty – Fine Hygienic Holding, CEO
Andrea Janjua – Chief Fine Tissues & Fine Guard Category
Hande Hitay – Fine Guard Brand Manager
Mazen Jawad – President of Horizon Holdings
Reham Mufleh – General Manager of Horizon FCB Dubai
Rodrigo Leal Rodrigues – Executive Creative Director
Rodrigo Scapolan – Associate Creative Director
Guilherme Possobon – Associate Creative Director
Elsa De Bruyn – Associate Creative Director
Bassam Doss – Arabic Copywriter
Lucy Elder – Copywriter
Muhammad Abid – Senior Graphic Designer
Sinto Anto – Senior Graphic Designer
Dana Salamoun – Senior Account Manager
Hicham Soubra – Head of Creative Services and Production
Waleed Abdulaziz – Senior Video Editor
Moreira Estudio – Image Retouching
Chico Barros – Masks Photographer