Greece Among Largest Data Consumers: Study

GlobalWebIndex (GWI) adds Greece as their 47th market, giving all the marketers who are interested in targeting Greek consumers the right tools to decode their attitudes, behaviors and needs states Tailwind.

“The present conditions make the need for in-depth understanding of consumers in a direct and detailed way even more critical so that decision making is based on up-to-date insights. GWI modernizes consumer research in 40+ countries around the world and succeeds in giving companies and brands the clarity they need to make real time decisions by accurately capturing the behavior of local, specialist and global audiences. We are happy that, with the addition of Greek data, we, too, contribute towards this direction by helping our partners navigate these times of change with great confidence,” stated Eva Christopoulou, General Manager of TailWind EMEA.

The research explains the Greek consumer using 40,000 data points and captures in a unique way all the significant consumer brands connections. Through real time access to the GWI online platform and white glove support from the local team, companies and brands in Greece can now understand their audience in high definition, shape and evaluate their positioning and message and acquire a real customer centric strategy based on data. The biggest companies in the world like Microsoft, Linkedin, Spotify and Twitter use GWI to make informed decisions about their marketing strategy.

Jason Mander, Chief Research Officer of GWI added, “We are thrilled to add Greece as our 47th market, enabling GWI users to deep dive into the digital lives, lifestyles and behaviors of modern Greek consumers. From the social media, apps and websites they are using, through to their media consumption behaviors, online purchase journeys and brand interactions, GWI shows brands, agencies and media organizations what their target audiences are doing, and why.”